“I don't want a lawyer to tell me what I cannot do; I hire him to tell me how to do what I want to do.” J.P. Morgan

Michael Einterz, Jr.

Michael Einterz, Jr., focuses his practice on civil litigation, especially labor and employment law, and construction law.  He also aids clients in areas of business organization and management.  His diverse educational background, including majors in biology and economics and a masters in business administration, has given him a unique perspective with which to serve his clients. His scientific and logical approach to matters has enabled him to practice and excel in numerous areas of the law and has prepared him well to serve his clients with aggressive and creative solutions to business dilemmas.

 “Creative use of the law has always appealed to me–I enjoy being able to look at things that are complicated and reshape them in a different way to benefit my clients,” Michael says.   To this end, Michael works to help clients optimally structure business dealings or resolve disputes to their greatest benefit.

Michael graduated magna cum laude with distinction from Wabash College in 2005.  He earned his MBA from Kelley School of Business in Indianapolis, and his JD from Indiana University School of Law, Indianapolis in 2008.  Michael is a member of the Indiana Bar Association, Indianapolis Bar Association, and the American Bar Association.

He joined Einterz & Einterz in 2006, where he found the perfect professional balance he was looking for – the opportunity to practice at a reputable firm that recognizes the importance of life outside of the office and the freedom to provide valuable services to his clients, regardless of their size or issue.

 "Where those two grounds meet, I found a place that I could practice law at a high level yet maintain a home life. I am able to create solutions that work for my clients, not only those that serve the bottom line.  It is an added benefit that I get to work side by side with my father."

 While not in the courtroom or assisting his clients, Michael enjoys spending time with his wife Jen and his sons Quinn & Asher. Michael also enjoys taking on small carpentry projects, Yankee’s baseball, and working on his golf swing, which he claims gives him practice in patience for dealing with opposing counsel.